Optimization – Not just for Search Engines

We can’t talk about 509 Labs and SEO in Tri-Cities, WA without discussing optimization. In general, we want everything to be optimized, right? We want the perfect amount of sun, perfect amount of food and water, perfect amount of rest, and so on.

Your online marketing campaign is just like that, except we as humans have the benefit of a couple thousand years on the planet to know what we need.

It is much different to find the optimal elements a marketing campaign needs to thrive. We are tasked with finding effective ad strategies for your company, but also making sure the ads that are less than well-received are cut out of the budget early in the game.

Here at 509 Labs, we are HUGE on optimization. It really can’t be over-done.

Why is Optimization so Powerful?

This is a nutshell version of paid ad optimization:

We create 4 ads, all with the same text but with different images, and show those ads to 100,000 people. Obviously, one of those text/image combos is going to be more popular than the others. So we pick that one.

Next, we work on the text. We’ll run four of that same winning image but with new text variations. Again, if shown to 100,000 people, there will be a clear winner.

We test certain times of day (to display ads to customers), ads being shown on computers, iOS devices, or androids… it really does get ridiculous how much optimization can (and should be) done to a marketing campaign.

Optimization and You

But the optimization process is what turns your mediocre campaign into an all-star. We figure out what works and what doesn’t, and use our highest-performing ad to promote your business with. Makes sense, right?

If you think about it, running an ad campaign without this level of optimization is just throwing money away. Since the ads that get the weakest responses typically end up costing the most, we like to nip those in the bud and get them paused early in the game. That way, your marketing dollars go towards a campaign that we KNOW is going to succeed.


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